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Lazer Sound can make your wedding reception more magical by creating a video slide show presentation during the first dance. You provide the pictures and the song and we will create the magic for that special moment.

1. See the example video to the right.

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Contact us to see how easy it is to get a special video made for your first dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your decision to be married is an important decisions. You deserve the best entertainment possible for this special occasion. Quality entertainment is a special way of saying thank you to your guests. Many times it is the determining factor to whether your guests stay. Choosing the right entertainment can be a confusing task.

  1. Should I Choose a Band?

    Let's face it, without bands there would be no recorded music for DJ's to play. There are several problems with choosing a band. They take numerous breaks and use a lot of space. They usually cannot play a variety of music. They generally do not have experience doing wedding receptions and are twice as expensive as a disc jockey.

  2. Should I choose a DJ?

    Disc jockeys are the best bargain for the money.

    • they play a variety of music
    • they take up very little space
    • no breaks
    • less expensive

    The DJ's main emphasis at a wedding reception is to act as the master of ceremonies. This means they must make the proper announcements and ensure reception is running in a smooth fashion. They should work with the photographer and caterer to ensure the wedding reception is organized.

  3. What Should I look for in a DJ?

    Too often, clients only consideration is based on price only. A difference of 10 to 20 dollars an hour should not be a determining factor when considering quality. When choosing a disc jockey service, you should consider a number of things

    • Does he have the type of personality to entertain my guests?
    • Does he have a large variety of music?
    • What will he wear at the reception?
    • Can he properly coordinate the reception?
    • How much experience does he have?
    • Does he have quality audio equipment that is cosmetically displayed?
    • Will he work with the photographer and caterer?
  4. LAZERSOUND Experience

    We have conducted over 500 wedding receptions throughout the United States. We provide professional and quality entertainment by ensuring:

    • We have the best audio equipment available and cosmetically displayed
    • We entertain your guests and make all customary events fun.
    • We use full tuxedos at the reception.
    • We use wireless microphones for greater mobility.
    • We never take breaks.
    • We offer a laser light shows.
    • We offer a choice of three sound systems.
    • We have over twenty-five years of experience.
    • We have the cutting edge capability of providing a personalised slide show (DVD) on a 10 foot screen during.
  5. Upon signing of a contract, we will set up an appointment with you to discuss your wedding reception. We will design a written itinerary displaying the sequence, order, timeline, special music and requests for the reception. This assures that you will be able to focus on your celebration.
  6. We will work with the other services that you have hired for this event, especially the photographer to ensure all special moments related to your reception captured. Few entertainment companies can provide all this. LAZERSOUND's prices are usually competitive if not lower than most other entertainment services. When your wedding reception looks good, we look good.
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